IT cum Marketing

  • Centrio Pantai Hillpark, Jalan Pantai Murni, Kuala Lumpur, 59200, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Publishing

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  • As we are made up of a small team, employees will get unique opportunities to learn a variety of skills.
  • Plenty of opportunity to grow as a pioneer in our industry.
  • As a new/emerging market, our employees will be at the forefront, leading to growth opportunities.


  • At least 1-2years of working experience in web development
  • Familiar With Development and Debugging Tools for Cross-Browser Issues
  • Have skills in software programming and graphics
  • WordPress, Joomla and Module Development Experience
  • Skills in HTML, XML, PHP, MYSQL, CSS
  • Build WebAPIs
  • Experience With Photoshop and AI
  • APA Style and Harvart Style
  • Must be fluent in english.
  • Fast Learner.
  • Team Player.
  • Self-Starter Attitude.


  • correcting spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
  • sub-editing text written by a number of authors to ensure consistent house style
  • working with IT-based publishing systems and databases
  • liaising regularly with authors and publishers by phone and email
  • checking that authors have provided all the required materials and paperwork
  • resolving queries directly with the author, e.g. style and text inconsistencies
  • coding manuscripts for design features, such as hierarchy of headings, to instruct the production team
  • ensuring that illustrations are correctly captioned and referred to in the text
  • producing or working to a style checklist to ensure consistency in hyphenation, capitalisation, formatting of references, etc
  • maintaining awareness of new words or phrases coming into popular usage with a view to ensuring they're appropriate for the readership
  • discussing and resolving any potentially libelous sections with the commissioning editor and author
  • retrieving articles from archives and rearranging within publications
  • preparing preliminary pages for the title, contents and preface of a publication
  • overseeing the work of indexers, typesetters and designers
  • typesetting and designing layout
  • managing marketing (Sent conference invitation) 


  • Attractive salary package with annual growth
  • Health benefits
  • International travel
  • Experience to work with professional staff

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