Internship for Kitchen Assistant

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- Bacon & Brews served Pork (Non Halal)
- If You Interested in handling pork dishes, bacon and brews are the right place as we are specialized in pork.
- you also able to learn simple dish plating and presentation
- we cook out stock, sauce and also bake our own cake.
- up to 2 off days in a week depends on man power and completed task
- more than 1 week holiday during chinese new year
- full time job will be offered to those who perform well during internship


- prepare own transport
- able to deal with pork
- local malaysian only
- hardworking
- responsible
- passion in culinary


- everything in the kitchen is your responsibility,
-mis en plac
-team work
-completing task given by superior


- up to 2 off day in a week (minimum 1 off day), 
- holiday during chinese new year
- full time job offered depend on performance
- able to learn many thing from scratch, unlike some cafe they use a lot of instant powder
- we are fair to our staff.. base on performance, hard working and good performance staff will receive better benefit compare to lazy staff

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